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Your #1 Podcast in the Cleaning & Facility Maintenance industry

The Profitable Cleaner Podcast

Our mission is to be a trusted advisor and motivator for Facility Maintenance CEOs, eventually shaping the industry and driving it to greater heights of excellence. By imparting the right knowledge and tools we aim to make people feel inspired, empowered, and ready to unleash their full potential in the world of Facility Maintenance.

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What Our Listeners Are Saying

“The show really helps anyone with a cleaning company big or small.”

@Diana Betancourth

“They bring a freshness and depth to the questions they ask, that offers a ton of value”

@The Cool Dude

“I have learnt so much from this group!! They are the best!! Thanks so much!!”


“The folks here give so much wisdom and it helped me close multiple deals in my company.”


“A lot of golden nuggets here! Love the fact that I learn something new every time”


“If you’re in the cleaning space, this is GO TO show for you 💯💯”


“I love how Angel and James create a conversation where you feel part of”


“I love this podcast! The value is tremendous. James gives you the step by step process to understand the long game.”

@prodetail cleaning

Latest Podcast From The Profitable Cleaner

Your #1 podcast in the Cleaning & Facility Maintenance industry


What is a
Profitable Cleaner?

A Profitable Cleaner is a leader in the
facility maintenance space. One that has
taken on the personal, social & economic
responsability to grow their company
without sacrificing their family or
themselves. Are you ready?

Why Listen?

We created our Podcast to give you the
community, experts, and support for YOU
to accomplish more than you can
imagine. In a world full of noise, excuses,
and nonsense we BRING
YOU inspiration.

What You Can Learn From TPC

Sales & marketing tips to help you close more contracts

Fast track your experience

Become a better leader and improve your operations

Inspiring stories to help you push forward

Some Of Our Previous Guests

Alex Melgar

CEO of a top 5% Facility Maintenance Company

Mary Miller

CEO of JANCOA, 50+ years in the industry

Ernesto Moreno

CEO of Moreno & Associates, 30+ years in the industry

Tom Reber

Founder of Contractor Fight & Business Coach

Latest Podcast From The Profitable Cleaner

Your #1 podcast in the Cleaning & Facility Maintenance industry

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