Episode 108- Recruitment Strategies & Personal Growth ft. Libby DeLucien

Join us as we welcome Libby, a cleaning business owner turned software creator, as she shares her fascinating journey from manual labor to intellectual work, sparked by the birth of her five-year-old. She shares the transition from running her cleaning company to developing her own software business. She brings to light her unique recruitment system that has helped businesses, including hers, scale rapidly. Listen in as she narrates her transition into the SaaS world and the significant differences she noticed between it and the service industry.

This episode is a treasure trove of information as we also delve into recruitment strategies and tips for job postings. We discuss the significance of accurate and relevant job titles, managing distance in recruitment, and the pros and cons of using an ATS. We also underscore the importance of a strong brand and the role of social media in attracting potential applicants. We further explore Indeed’s recruiting system and how to maximize job ROI. Learn about Libby’s five pillars of culture and how they can aid businesses in enhancing their recruitment strategies.

Libby also opens up about her Latina heritage and her father’s example that fuel her passion and drive for success. She shares about her ‘date mornings’ with her husband and their recent property purchase in Oklahoma. Listen in as we discuss the importance of standing out from competitors, having a clear mission statement, and leading with core values. From hiring a fractional head of marketing to her current life phase, Libby gives us a glimpse into the top three things that excite her today. Join us for this enriching episode that is sure to leave you inspired and motivated.

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • Insights into the journey of transitioning from a manual labor job to a software creation role, and the unique recruitment strategies that helped scale the businesses.
  • The importance of accurate and unique job titles, effective ways to manage distance in recruitment, and the pros and cons of using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • The role of social media in attracting potential applicants and the importance of a strong brand.
  • The importance of core values, core competencies, and mission pillars in creating a unique identity for a business, leading with core values, and ensuring all employees understand the mission.
  • Personal growth and empowerment lessons from Libby, including how her Latina heritage and father’s example fuels her drive for success.

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