Episode 122 – Strategies for Navigating Business Agility and Leadership in the Cleaning Industry ft. Lisa Macqueen

Join us on a discussion with Lisa Mcqueen, CEO of CleanCorp, a national cleaning business based in Australia. Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge from her experience in the cleaning industry, emphasizing the importance of agility and keeping up with market trends. Listen as she shares about her team’s organic learning approach and how they continuously innovate.

You’ll gain insights into the benefits of a flat hierarchy in an organization, including improved communication and decision-making. We also explore how trust plays a pivotal role in creating a successful and scalable business. In addition, get some excellent advice on how to effectively connect with your audience, especially in video content marketing. Our guest expert highlights the importance of authenticity and the need to inject fun into your content. 

Finally, get a glimpse into the entrepreneurial world of Lisa Macqueen as she reveals her plans for CleanCorp. Lisa shares her inspiration from books like “The Answer” and “Scaling Up” and how they’ve helped her shape her business growth strategy. Listen as she emphasizes the significance of implementing ideas and gauging results. You’ll find it interesting as she talks about her grand vision of turning CleanCorp into a franchise model and expanding it globally. Don’t miss out on these valuable insights!

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The importance of business agility and staying updated with market trends.
  • The pivotal role of trust in business leadership and how it can facilitate improved communication and faster decision-making.
  • Tips and strategies for connecting with an audience through video content marketing, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and infusing fun into the content.
  • The influence of books like “The Answer” and “Scaling Up” on Lisa’s business growth strategy and her vision of evolving her Cleaning Company.
  • The significance of maintaining an open mind, fostering an environment that encourages organic learning, and understanding that learning is a never-ending process in business.

We highly recommend that you connect with Lisa Macqueen and check out CleanCorp, as well as the recommended books:

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