#126 Exclusive LIVE ISSA Show Episode ft. Eight Expert CEO’s

We bring you an episode packed with insights and personal stories from the heart of the facility maintenance industry, recorded LIVE from ISSA Show North America 2023 in Las Vegas. Listen in as Joe Pereira of Integrity MSC shares his immigrant family’s journey and leadership insights in the cleaning sector. Then, we’ve got Sean McNamara from CleanTech highlighting the evolution of his Canadian janitorial business, emphasizing adaptation to operational demands.

Our discussion shifts to strategic business perspectives. Sean emphasizes team trust and learning from mistakes. Additionally, Jazmine from Juniper Cleaning touches on continuous improvement in family-owned businesses. We also have Aaron Graham of Picture Perfect Cleaning reflecting on leadership growth and fostering company culture.

Further, we chat with Antonio Williams of Impact Cleaning Solutions about entrepreneurial partnerships and the balance between vision and practicality. We then have Cindy from Fieldbots discussing the role of robotics in cleaning, while David from Corporate Cleaning Concepts Inc. reflects on the future of his family business. Whether you’re an industry veteran or just starting out, this episode offers a wealth of wisdom and experience for everyone in the cleaning industry.

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The value and impact of leadership and team engagement within the facility maintenance sector.
  • Strategies for scaling a cleaning business from managing small teams to overseeing a large workforce.
  • The transition from being hands-on in your business to adopting a strategic role that allows for personal growth, freedom, and the importance of developing both personal and team leadership skills.
  • The significance of partnership dynamics, trusting instincts, and balancing vision with practicality in the journey of entrepreneurship within the cleaning industry.
  • Insights into the future of the cleaning industry with the integration of robotics, and how technology can revolutionize efficiency, complement human staff, and potentially lead to better wages and working conditions.

We highly recommend that you connect with Joe Pereira, Sean McNamara, Jazmin, Aaron Graham, Antonio Williams, Cindy Moran, Carolina Estupiñan, and David Einshon  and check their cleaning companies here:

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