Episode 109- Reinventing Success in the Facility Service Industry ft. Dan Schindler

Listen in as we take a journey through the world of facilities services, from hard work to entrepreneurship and the dynamics of leadership. Hear how our  guest,  Dan Schindler, shares his wisdom on the importance of consistency, vision, and work ethic. The conversation ranges from advice for young people looking to succeed in the industry to the practicalities of business-to-business relationships and subcontracting. We explore the concept of ‘lid capacity’ and the significance of surrounding ourselves with the right people.

The conversation takes a fascinating turn as we draw inspiration from the visionary Walt Disney, and how his principles apply to the world of facilities services. From there, we venture into the intricate world of tax implications for janitorial services in Texas, giving an insightful look at the responsibilities of prime and subcontractors.

Wrapping up, we explore the often-overlooked element of faith in business and how belief in a higher power can provide a strong motivation. Hear how Dan’s journey in the facilities services industry was influenced by his faith and the crucial role of responsibility. The conversation finishes with an insightful discussion on leadership and the pitfalls of misclassifying employees. Join us and be inspired by Dan’s expertise and experience!

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The importance of a diligent work ethic, clear vision, and entrepreneurial spirit in achieving success in the facilities services industry.
  • How to navigate business-to-business relationships and subcontracting, emphasizing shared goals, trust, and vision casting.
  • Understanding the tax implications for janitorial services in Texas, decoding the state‚Äôs tax laws and the responsibilities of subcontractors.
  • The influence of faith in business decisions and leadership, and the power of responsibility in striving for success in the facilities services industry.
  • The pitfalls of misclassifying employees, the need for strong leadership skills, and the potential of business growth through acquisitions.

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