Episode 106 Re-defining Janitorial Business Scalability ft Alexander Melgar

In our latest podcast episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Alexander Melgar, a business expert and roundtable leader at the Cleaning Prophet$ event, who shares his insights on the concept of business scalability. Alex brings a fresh perspective on the subject, explaining that scalability isn’t just about increasing revenue, but rather about continual change and development in every aspect of your business. Listen in as Alex provides insight on the various levels of scale and the different challenges one may face at each level.

We also take a closer look at the entrepreneurial life and the different stages of business growth. As entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves in a cycle of growth that requires us to let go of certain controls. Alex shares some crucial insights into this cycle and challenges us to consider what we are willing to let go of in order to reach the next level of growth.

Lastly, Alex offers his thoughts on the importance of leadership and self-development. Leading a successful business isn’t just about making money – it involves developing teams, providing guidance, making the right decisions, and continuously improving. Alex encourages us all to remain open to new perspectives and to ask ourselves tough questions. This episode is packed with valuable insights and wisdom – don’t miss it!

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The true meaning of business scalability and how it involves a continuous journey of growth and development in all aspects of a business. 
  • The difference between power and control in business scaling.
  • The concept of the entrepreneurial journey and its associated challenges and the importance of stepping into the unknown and relinquishing control to achieve the next phase of growth.
  • The importance of mental and physical self-development for business leaders. 
  • The importance of building and developing teams within the business.

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