#127 The 2023 Profitable Cleaning Recap: From Past To Future ft. Andrea Garcia, Angel Sandoval, & James Harper

Listen in as we wrap up the year with a heartfelt year-end recap, filled with the warm and festive spirit of Christmas and New Year. Joining James and Angel in this conversation is the ever-talented Andrea, our brand experience manager, who sheds light on the pivotal role she plays in polishing our podcast. Reflecting on the journey thus far, we express immense gratitude for another successful year and discuss the invaluable lessons learned. Together, we peek into the future, teeming with anticipation for the exciting changes 2024 promises to bring, and invite our listeners to elevate their expectations, promising to meet them with new events and podcast improvements.

This episode is a celebration of growth, not just for us, but for the Profitable Cleaner community. We look back on the progress from our early episodes to now, marking the dedication it took to create impactful content and noting our listenership’s impressive increase. Each listener has played a crucial role in spreading transformation, and as we reflect on the substance our podcast has brought to personal development, we renew our commitment to reach even more people. Hear how your engagement has been a driving force for us, and get excited as we pledge to work even harder and set the bar higher for the future.

In our discussion on leadership, we highlight its significance in the success stories shared by our guests throughout the year. From the power of faith to the continuous pursuit of knowledge through books, podcasts, and events, we delve into the elements that foster personal and business growth. As we prepare to welcome an in-person recording studio in Arizona, we underscore the value of being a source of certainty in uncertain times. Finally, we close with a prayerful message of blessings and growth, encouraging listeners to embrace their potential and dream big as we look forward to reconnecting in February 2024.

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The importance of looking back at the year’s achievements, lessons learned, and expressing gratitude for the progress made.
  • How developing leadership skills and faith-based principles can contribute to both personal and business growth, as evidenced by the stories of successful guests on the podcast.
  • Exciting changes for the Profitable Cleaner, which promises to enhance the depth and quality of conversations in future episodes.
  • The commitment to raising the bar for the podcast by incorporating listener feedback, pursuing strategic partnerships for sponsorships, and setting higher expectations for the content and reach of the show.

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