Episode 123 – Introducing Cleaning Prophet$ Publication: A blueprint to success

Imagine being handed a blueprint to success in the cleaning industry, do you think that could revolutionize your business? We’re about to do just that with our new dynamic addition to our Cleaning Prophet$ community – the Cleaning Prophet$ Publication. Born from the impactful experiences and breakthrough conversations at our recent Cleaning Prophet$ 2.0 event, this biannual publication will serve as a catalyst for lasting change and growth for cleaning business owners. Packed with expert articles, event recaps, and sneak peeks into upcoming happenings, the publication aims to bring the event’s learning to your doorstep. Don’t miss the opportunity to download it from our website and become part of this knowledge-sharing initiative!

Also, we’ve got some exciting updates and a big announcement lined up for January 2024. But, we don’t want to spill all the beans just yet! Instead, we invite you to join us on this journey and become part of our community of real leaders seeking real results. Your feedback on the publication, ideas, and experiences could be featured in our future podcasts and publications. Remember, this platform is for you – the cleaning business owner who is ready to make waves in the industry and achieve growth like never before!

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • Insights into the publication’s content including expert articles, event experiences, upcoming event previews, and potential opportunities for reader participation and contribution.
  • An introduction to the amazing Publication Partners and the various services they offer to support cleaning businesses, including consulting, workplace training, and advanced cleaning technologies.
  • A sneak peek into a big announcement for January 2024, which is expected to be a game-changer for cleaning businesses.

Check out and download the brand-new Cleaning Prophet$ Publication:

We highly recommend that you check the Publication Partners which offer unique services that can help elevate your cleaning business:

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