Episode 96- Content Marketing Masterclass ft Connor “Content King” Dube

Listen in as we connect with Connor Dube, a renowned podcast host, keynote speaker at the Cleaning Prophets Event, and CMO of Proven Content, an agency that supports technical B2B clients through custom content production. Connor shares his intriguing entrepreneurial journey, from starting his first business at the age of seven to launching his own podcast and becoming a powerhouse in the B2B world. He imparts his wisdom on the importance of energy in business and how B2B marketing should be approached to achieve success.

Don’t miss out as we unpack the importance of custom content in B2B sales. Connor explains how his agency helps businesses build trust and relationships with prospective customers by creating compelling, owned content. We also discuss the power of social proof, the necessity of content frequency, and how repurposing content can set your business apart from the competition.

Finally, we explore the emotional side of B2B sales and the importance of personal branding. Connor shares insights into how to understand customer expectations, psychology, and the nuances of B2B marketing. We wrap up with Connor’s unique concept of ‘acting as if’, which he uses to create success in his ventures, and how you too can use it to transform your business. Join us for this exciting conversation filled with practical strategies and actionable insights!

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The importance and significance of marketing custom content in B2B sales, especially for businesses with long sales cycles.
  • The power of social proof in setting a cleaning business apart from competitors and  how video content can establish credibility and trust
  • The nuances of B2B marketing and the importance of understanding customer expectations and psychology to enhance content and help your cleaning business grow.
  • The role of personal branding and the emotional side of B2B sales in contributing to your Cleaning business’s success

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