Episode 95 – Achieve Freedom Through Leadership ft. Yigal Adato

Ready to redefine your understanding of leadership and transform the culture of your workplace? Join us in this conversation with Yigal Adato, one of the keynote speakers at our Cleaning Prophets event and a pioneer in the new era of business leadership, whose methods have been recognized by the San Diego Business Journal and Fox News. We explore the potency of leadership contagion and how a leader’s energy can shape team dynamics. Yigal also gives us a sneak peek into what he’ll be sharing at the Cleaning Prophets event – trust us, you won’t want to miss out.

Intrigued about creating an atmosphere of accountability and motivation in your workplace? Wondering what more you can offer than just a paycheck? We tackle these questions with Yigal as we navigate through the significant impacts of inspiring employees, the transformational potential of self-leadership, and how social media’s influence on youth is changing work ethics. We delve deeper into clarifying what your team wants financially, emotionally, and spiritually – a step that’s often neglected but is key to developing a thriving and motivated team.

We also discuss the transformative power of industry events, the caliber of attendees, and the leadership strategies Yigal will be sharing at the Cleaning Prophets event. And if you’re curious about this event, we’ve got all the details and excitement covered!  Tune in to gain insights on how to transform your leadership style and improve your workplace culture. 

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The concept of internal leadership and leadership contagion and how a leader’s energy and attitude can significantly impact team dynamics.
  • The importance of creating a culture of accountability and motivation in the workplace and understanding and meeting your employees diverse needs.
  • The potential negative impact of the concept of Bare Minimum Monday on workplace productivity and the importance of self-care in maintaining energy and motivation.
  • The importance of investing in the growth of managers and employees and the impact of your leadership on your employees’ personal lives.

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