Episode 94 – Lessons from leading 3000 employees ft Dan Lindsay

Ever thought about the pivotal role that open feedback and simplified communication play in fostering high-performing teams? That’s exactly what we’re exploring with Dan Lindsay, a celebrated figure in the facilities management sector and one of our Keynote Speakers at our Cleaning Prophets Event. We delve into how leading a team of 3,000 people shaped his perspective on the importance of creating a unified brand and valuing the insights of frontline teams.

But it’s not just about team dynamics and communication. We get into the nitty-gritty of understanding your organization’s energy and how it directly impacts performance. Dan sheds light on the correlation between Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and energy, offering strategies for leveraging these elements to motivate individuals and drive performance. We also talk about the significance of comprehending why losses occur, helping you adjust your strategies to ensure goal achievement. 

And as a special treat, we dive into a hearty discussion about discipline and routine, the art of saying no, and the potency of taking risks. We also touch on the importance of giving back to the community, with Dan sharing his upcoming participation in our Cleaning Prophets event. Whether you’re steering a large team, running a small business, or just passionate about strategic communication and management, this episode with Dan Lindsay is a must-listen! 

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • How to simplify communication within teams, making it authentic and meaningful, as well as the importance of breaking down complex goals into manageable tasks. 
  • The relationship between KPIs and company energy, and how these can be harnessed to motivate individuals and boost productivity. 
  • The significance of discipline, routine, and the art of saying ‘no’, along with the benefits of risk-taking and community service.
  • The importance of frontline teams in an organization and how to empower workers to identify potential opportunities.
  • How to scale your cleaning businesses, create an internal brand, and use inspection software effectively.

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