Episode 91 – Revolutionizing Facade Access through Robotic Solutions ft. Ross Blum

Get ready for an exciting and insightful episode as we chat with Ross Blum, President and COO of Skyline Robotics. Ross shares his journey as a startup brat and explains the importance of building relationships in the tech industry. We also discuss the need to bring conviction to everything you do, and how technology should always perform in the way that it’s described in order for a company to be successful.

Listen in as Ross talks about the importance of building relationships in the technology industry, especially for startups. He emphasizes the need to create and show value for customers when it comes to pricing. He also discusses the difficulties of finding and using robotic operators in a regulated industry. To solve the labor shortage issue, Ross explains the concept of workforce augmentation where a traditional window cleaning team of three can now be distributed to three separate properties all at the same time, managing the robotic operations. Finally, he shares the details of ozmo and how they are using existing buildings infrastructure with robotics.

Don’t miss this fascinating conversation where we explore how Skyline Robotics is leveraging technology to create a robotic window-cleaning system!

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • How robotics is revolutionizing facade access and skyscraper maintenance.
  • How workforce augmentation allows a traditional window cleaning team to manage multiple properties simultaneously using robotic operations.
  • What is Ozmo and how it works.
  • The importance of building relationships, having strong convictions, and communicating effectively with your team for business success.
  • The importance of forging strong partnerships in the technology industry to drive innovation and growth.

We highly recommend you connect with Ross Blum  and check out Skyline Robotics:

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