Episode 87 – Unlocking Million-Dollar Success in the Cleaning Industry ft. Joseph Lockhart

Get ready for an episode that will inspire and enlighten you as we sit down with Joseph Lockhart, president of JDM Janitorial, to discuss his incredible journey from a small side hustle in 2009 to now leading a million-dollar business. Joseph shares how he was divinely inspired to start his company and how his faith continues to play a pivotal role in his success. We also discuss the power of LinkedIn articles and the passion Joseph has for helping other small businesses thrive.

In this conversation, we dive into the importance of understanding corporate culture and the role it plays in business growth. Joseph shares some valuable insights from his experience, such as the power of case studies and having corporate partners and mentors to guide you. We also explore how Joseph learned to systematize his processes, allowing him to scale his business to the level it is today.

As we wrap up this episode, Joseph and I discuss his vision for the future of JDM Janitorial and the potential for massive growth in the coming years. Don’t miss this invaluable conversation packed with lessons and advice from Joseph’s journey, making it a must-listen for those in the janitorial industry or looking to start their own business!

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • How Joseph Lockhart started his janitorial company as a side hustle and grew it into a million-dollar business, with faith playing a significant role in his success journey.
  • The importance of understanding corporate culture and utilizing case studies for business growth, as well as having corporate partners and mentors for guidance.
  • How to systematize processes to enable you to scale your cleaning company.
  • The power of LinkedIn articles in generating engagement, response, and opportunities for businesses in the janitorial industry.
  • The significance of having a quality-based approach and not being afraid to charge what is needed, as well as the importance of maintaining relationships and staying humble in business.

We highly recommend you connect with Joseph Lockhart and check out JDM Janitorial:

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