Episode 73 – How To Build A Strong Janitorial Subcontractor Network Ft. Scott Rothleitner

In this episode, we sat down with a janitorial subcontractor expert who has over 35+ years in the commercial cleaning industry. Scott Rothleitner is a true cleaning professional who’s got a heart of gold and one HELL of a janitorial success story.

From being bankrupt to building one of the strong commercial cleaning companies we’ve seen that’s outsourced fully through strong janitorial subcontractor partnerships, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

In this Profitable Cleaner Episode you will learn: 

  • Why “we” is the key term when it comes to running your commercial cleaning company.
  • How to property vet, onboard and work with janitorial subcontractors.
  • How to manage and blend family into your commercial cleaning company.
  • Why being vulnerable and persistent will get your janitorial company to where you want it!

If you’re interested in speaking or connecting with Scott, he’s very willing to connect and help where he can with other cleaning owners.

Through this episode, you will hear Scott speak about our event, Cleaning Prophets. He was one of our attendees at our mastermind and brought a TON of value to the group. If you’re curious how you can get access to the information Scott mentioned, you can check out Cleaning Prophets Online here: https://cleaningprophets.com/

If you’re in commercial cleaning and want to increase your sales, become part of our community today and get the best cleaning sales content and data in the industry.



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