Episode 55 -The Power Of Identity ft. George Apecechea

Have you ever thought about the power of sharing your own story? We live in an age of comparison, but what makes us unique is our own story. We know it is hard to recognize your identity and your assignment in life to actually start sharing what makes us unique, so to help you out find the value you can provide, we sat down with George Apecechea, Owner & Founder at Apex Digital. 

George comes from an immigrant family, overloaded with love, wisdom, and guidance.  He found out his identity and made a big changing decision that helped him take his life to another level. This episode will show you the importance of knowing and embracing your story to make an impact in others’ lives while playing your own game to succeed.

In this Profitable Cleaning episode you will learn:

  • The power of sharing your own story and how finding out your identity can take you to a next level.
  • How to listen to and recognize what your inner self is telling you. 
  • The power of servitude and giving your best value. 
  • What it means to “Play Your Own Game”  and the importance of having a net positive mindset to succeed. 

We highly recommend you connect with George Apecechea.

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