Episode 49 – Commercial Cleaning Tips: Maintaining Energy & Business Savvy after 50 Years in business, Ft Mary Miller

Do you ever struggle with burnout, overwhelm and stress as a commercial cleaning business owner? If we’re being honest, commercial cleaning is hard, we all do! We sat down with Mary Miller, CEO of JANCOA, who’s been in the janitorial industry for over 50 years! Mary is an inspirational leader whose experience as a commercial cleaning CEO is unmatched. This episode is an ABSOLUTE treat!

In this Profitable Cleaning Episode you will learn: 

  • How to inspire and motivate people within your commercial cleaning company!
  • Why keeping the faith, great energy and continual learning are key to success! 
  • How to deal with everyday struggles and challenges as a janitorial business owner! 

We highly recommend you connect with Mary Miller and check out JANCO. 

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