Episode 46 – How to Get Your First $10 Million Dollars in Commercial Cleaning Revenue, Ft Mark Anderson

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to get to your first one million dollars in commercial cleaning sales? What about $5 Million, or even $10 Million!? We sat down with a 35 year janitorial expert, Mark Anderson, and dove DEEP in learning what it takes to really grow your commercial cleaning company to the multi-million dollar revenue range!

In this episode you will learn: 

  • How long it takes to level up in the million dollar revenue ranges for janitorial companies. 
  • How to cross sell and upsell your current commercial cleaning customers
  • Why it’s CRUCIAL to always be growing and investing in yourself to create the best commercial cleaning possible.  

Mark is one of our guest speakers at our Cleaning Prophet$ Mastermind Event in Denver, CO this upcoming November. His expertise and experience is invaluable! We currently only have NINE seats left. Email james@dayporter.com or angel@dayporter.com today to get access to this one of a kind event!

To connect with Mark, check out the following links below: 

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