Episode 42 -What Janitorial Excellence Looks Like From A Multi-Million Dollar Cleaning Company, Ft Alex Melgar.

Do you ever wonder what it’s like operate a multi-million dollar janitorial company with over 800+ employees? We had the rare opportunity to sit down with Alex Melgar, CEO of Ambassador Services USA, who has literally seen it all when it comes to the commercial cleaning space. From starting out as a “cleaning tech” to now operating a company that’s so large, it’s in the 1% of ALL janitorial companies in the United States.

In this Profitable Cleaner you will learn: 

  • What janitorial and operational excellence looks like on a large scale. 
  • What it’s like hiring future leaders for YOUR commercial cleaning company. 
  • Insight into managing a large scaled business and keeping a healthy work / life balance. 

This episode is one of its kind. Not every day you get to hear from CEO’s that are in the top 1% of their industry like Alex Melgar is! To learn more about Alex and his company, check out the links below.

If you want to see Alex Melgar speak live and in-person, he will be a guest speaker at our CLEAN PROPHET$ Mastermind event in Denver, Colorado – November 1st – 3rd. We only have 11 spots left. Claim yours today by inquiring directly with us at angel@dayporter.com or james@dayporter.com

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