Episode 25 – Discussing Janitorial Sales Reps, Commercial Cleaning Sales Follow Through and More w/ Angel Sandoval

In this episode we sit down with VP of DayPorter, Angel Sandoval who discusses the success he sees among the best janitorial and commercial cleaning sales reps out there. DayPorter has unique experience when it comes to cleaning sales because we get to work with so many different commercial cleaning sales companies and their sales reps. We discuss what makes cleaning companies win over the long-run with commercial cleaning sales!

In this episode you will learn: 

  • What makes most janitorial and commercial cleaning sales reps successful? 
  • How to truly play the long-game with your commercial cleaning business!
  • Why the cleaning industry isn’t about cleaning – it’s about people! 

We’d like to quickly give a shout out to one of the better cleaning softwares out there, that you should know about, uSource. If you’re looking for a way to scale the operations side of your cleaning company, you need to check out uSource. They are partners with DayPorter and are offering a free beta program of their software. 

If you’re in commercial cleaning and want to increase your sales, become part of our community today and get the best cleaning sales content and data in the industry. 

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