Episode 121 – Building a Successful Cleaning Business and a Community ft. Alejandra Malo

Listen in as we welcome the inspirational Alejandra Malo, founder of Pink Team Group, who shares her entrepreneurial journey from working for a German company in Mexico to establishing her own cleaning services business. Hear about Pink Team Group’s impressive expansion from its beginnings in Indiana to five states and Alejandra’s home town of QuerĂ©taro, Mexico. Discover how her family of serial entrepreneurs has influenced her success and shaped her vision for her company. 

Alejandra Malo opens up about how she strategically grew her business by focusing on projects they excelled at, despite having to make tough decisions along the way. She also reveals her journey to diversify her investments and the creation of her foundation to give back to the community. Alejandra’s story serves as an example of how maintaining a clear focus can result in a business that expands across cities and states.

Further into the discussion, Alejandra discusses how her team has become more than just a cleaning service and how this has benefited her business. She talks about the importance of cultivating a supportive and collaborative work culture and how this has transformed her team into a group of highly respected professional cleaners. Lastly, Alejandra shares her experiences of giving back to the community and inspiring others to do the same. This episode is full of insights and experiences for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, business growth, and the power of giving back!

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The importance of strategic decision-making in business growth and expansion, as well as the need for focused dedication.
  • The significance of diversifying investments and saying no to certain opportunities to excel in areas they are already good at.
  • The value of giving back to the community and the plans for a foundation aimed at making a difference in the lives of others.
  • The transformation of Pink Team Group from a simple cleaning service to a highly respected professional cleaning team and the culture of support and collaboration that Alejandra fosters within her team.

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