Episode 120 – Growth, Transition, and Success in a Janitorial Family Business ft. Kyleigh Moreno

Ever wondered how a woman navigates a male-dominated industry and transitions from family member to business leader? In our Thanksgiving episode, we feature Kyleigh Moreno, Director of Sales and Development at Moreno & Associates, who shares her journey of stepping into a leadership role in her family’s business, a company that recently celebrated 30 years of success.

Kyleigh unveils how the company’s slogan “More Than Clean” has evolved into a powerful branding tool and discusses the compelling story behind the Armando Moreno Scholarship Fund, a charitable venture they’ve initiated. We explore the challenges Kyleigh faced as a woman in a male-dominated industry, how she earned respect, and the importance of proving oneself to gain team unity. She discusses her core values and how these principles have shaped her leadership style.

Lastly, Kyleigh reveals how networking and building relationships have been key components in the success of the business. She also discusses how she strategically uses her family’s connections to create opportunities and emphasizes the importance of attending events with genuine intention, not just to pitch a product or service.

This Thanksgiving, stay connected and let Kyleigh’s story inspire you to navigate your own entrepreneurial journey.

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • How your core values influence your work and the company culture.  
  • The importance of networking in business, with Kyleigh sharing her strategies for building relationships and leveraging connections for business success.
  • The concept of branding and the power of a strong brand identity, using Kyleigh’s family business as a case study.
  • Practical sales tip about thoughtful gifting, demonstrating how small, strategic actions can help build relationships and drive business success.

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