Episode 119 – How To WIN, Manage and Lead National Janitorial Accounts ft Niles Breithaupt

Join us as we chat with Niles Breithaupt, an expert in facility services who has handled projects worth over $100 million, including a $25 million project with Google. Niles gives us a peek into the challenges of managing a big team, dealing with customer supplies, and navigating union issues. Hear the exciting story of how he and his team successfully completed a massive project, highlighting the importance of team spirit, communication, and understanding team dynamics.

Niles shares his unique leadership principles and how they’ve helped him manage teams of more than 500 people. We delve into his focus on personal relationships, the ability to admit mistakes, and the importance of maintaining connections even after setbacks. Niles also discusses the concept of ‘losing with grace’ and how it influences his leadership style. Additionally, he talks about building genuine connections with his team, creating a culture of learning and growth, and staying true to oneself despite negative feedback.

Get an insider’s perspective on operational excellence in national accounts as Niles talks about monitoring performance, evaluating work and key performance indicators, and building strong relationships. Don’t miss this episode filled with lessons and wisdom from an experienced leader in the facility services industry!

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

The importance of genuine relationships, clear communication, and the courage to admit mistakes.
How is operational excellence in facility services and the significance of performance tracking, key performance indicators, and robust relationships.
Strategies for maintaining team morale, highlighting the role of being an ally to team members, and fostering a culture of learning and growth.
The challenges of managing large teams, and the importance of staying authentic in the face of criticism.

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