Episode 116 – Skyrocket Award Winner: The Art of Scaling Your Janitorial Company ft Charlie Ramshaw

What does it take to turn a small basement-based business into a successful enterprise with multiple locations in just five years? How do you handle the challenges of growing, managing teams, and forming strategic partnerships? Join us as we talk to Charlie Ramshaw from Ram Clean, where we uncover the answers to these questions and more in an inspiring conversation.

In our chat with Ramsha, we learn about Ram Clean’s incredible journey. We explore their fast expansion strategy, emphasizing the role of partnerships, having a dedicated team, and maintaining a positive attitude. We also discuss the details of sales and marketing, focusing on the mindset needed to attract bigger customers and increase revenue. You’ll discover how Ramsha’s holistic approach to sales and marketing, along with treating employees well, has been a game-changer for their growth.

But our conversation goes beyond that. We also dive into the challenges and solutions of expanding a business, highlighting how Ram Clean’s real estate expertise has been crucial for smart investments and entering new markets. From stressing the importance of the right team to the high standards necessary for growth, this episode offers practical insights that can benefit your business journey!

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The importance of strategic partnerships and a dedicated team in scaling a business.
  • The role of sales and marketing in business growth.
  • How real estate background can assist in business expansion.
  • The significance of having the right team and high standards.
  • Expansion through acquisition vs organic growth.

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