Episode 115 – Halloween Edition: Costume Versus Calling

Welcome! Prepare for a journey of introspection and truth seeking, as we turn our attention to the ‘Costume Versus Calling’ – a conversation we seldom dare to have. This isn’t about what you’re going to be for Halloween, but an in-depth exploration of the metaphorical costumes that we often wear, living up to external expectations and societal pressures, while neglecting the genuine calling God has placed in our hearts.

Following this, we narrow down on ‘Fulfilling Your Calling and Stepping In’. We urge you to realize that your life’s purpose isn’t defined by your costumes, but by God’s intent for you. It’s time to shed the pretenses and courageously step into your calling. Consider, if you were to leave this world today, what would people remember you for? Would they truly miss your presence? As we journey through these tough questions, we implore you to commit to what God has provided you with and ignite the inherent power within you to pursue your mission. It’s time to halt the costume lifestyle and start truly living in your calling. Tune in, engage with us, and let this transformative session reshape your outlook on life.

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