Episode 114 – The Art of Selling: From Strategy to Success ft. Sophia Lopez

Welcome to another episode of the profitable cleaner podcast, where we share a lively discussion with our Business Development Manager, Sophia Lopez. Listen in as we navigate through the rules of sales, rules we’ve formulated through years of experience, trials, and triumphs. We share our favorites, how we conceived them, and why they’re significant to us. As we have always been involved in the complete sales process, from lead generation to closing, we believe in the value of this deep understanding of sales. And for those who love to take notes, we’re sharing an Excel sheet of our sales rules. Check out the show notes!

Wel shift gears in the next part of our discussion to focus on key rules for successful sales. We cover various topics, from the art of being charming and likable to the results-based business of closing deals. We underscore the importance of not being afraid to make money and how our first sales jobs paved the way for our success. This is an enlightening conversation, full of practical advice that will serve you well in your sales journey.

We share our strategies for sales, discussing how to create deals and the importance of purpose in sales. We talk about the ABCs of sales, why it’s crucial to always ask for the sale, and why your pipeline is a reflection of the work you put in 90 days prior. Listen closely as we unpack why overselling can be more dangerous than underselling and share Angel Sandoval’s rule of leaving a little bit of curiosity. We also touch on building trust, connecting with customers, and ensuring they don’t regret their decision. We believe you’ll find these discussions insightful, enriching your understanding of sales. So tune in, and let’s explore these topics together!

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The importance of being personable and engaging when interacting with potential customers.
  • The significance of confidence in the sales process: How confidence is often more important than competence in sales, as customers need to believe in the salesperson’s belief in the product or service they are selling.
  • The rules of successful sales
  • Strategies for successful sales: Strategies for creating deals on the fly, the significance of always asking for a sale, and why your sales pipeline is a reflection of your efforts from 90 days ago.
  • The importance of building trust with customers and never using overcomplicated sales tactics.

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