Episode 113 – Exclusive LIVE Cleaning Prophets Expert Panel ft Five Expert CEO’s

Get ready to immerse yourself in a live, power-packed session with our panel of industry leaders from the Cleaning Prophet$ 2.0 event: Molly Marquess of Wingfoot Services, Ernesto Moreno of Moreno and Associates, Dan Schindler of Integrity Facility Solutions, Mike Sawchuck of Sawchuk Consulting, and Mark Anderson of the Profit Growth Initiative. Join us as we discover their areas of expertise, ranging from cross-selling and operations to networking and people skills, process and sales management, consulting and chemical sustainability, and quality management systems and marketing.

Our conversation with the expert panel reveals fascinating insights into various aspects of the cleaning industry. Together, we navigate through the challenges of managing subcontractors, scaling businesses, and the crucial importance of having contracts in place. We discuss the essential role of quality management systems and leadership in scaling an organization. We also delve into the future of automation in the cleaning industry, exploring its potential challenges and opportunities.

This is not just a conversation about business but also a lesson in resilience and determination. Listen as our experts share stories of their journey, underlining the importance of passion, networking, and staying focused. We wrap up with a celebration of the achievements of our expert panel and look forward to their continued contributions to the cleaning industry. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to gain valuable insights into the cleaning industry, business growth, and personal development.

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The difficulty of managing subcontractors in the cleaning industry, including the importance of contracts, regulations and compliance issues. 
  • The crucial role of leadership and quality management systems in scaling a cleaning business, along with practical experiences of balancing efficiency and quality.
  • Predictions and challenges concerning the future of automation in the cleaning industry, and how this could potentially transform mundane tasks and raise cleaning standards.
  • Advice on increasing business value and growth through efficient operations and processes, the significance of networking, resilience, and creating a legacy.
  • The importance of passion, learning from others in the industry, and perseverance in difficult times.

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