Episode 112- Leadership, Faith & Business Ft. Krystal Parker

Ever been in a tough spot, facing failure, and having to decide whether to give up or keep going? Our guest, Krystal Parker, president of the US Christian Chamber of Commerce knows it all too well. She takes us through her extraordinary journey, from being laughed off a stage as a 17-year-old musician to hitting rock bottom when she dropped out of college. However, these very failures ignited a spark in her, a determination to never quit and to find success through the trials.

Krystal not only turned her failures into stepping stones but also harnessed the power of positive self-talk and personal development. She shares about the heart-wrenching self-doubt she faced after dropping out of college and how she combated those negative thoughts with biblical truths and a deep understanding of herself. Get ready to move beyond your comfort zone as we also venture into the thorny realm of peace versus comfort, and the courage it takes to step out in faith.

In this episode, Krystal underscores the importance of shifting work into worship, putting God first, family second and work third. She talks about her own obedience when God instructed her to let go of her job and start anew. Join us on this inspiring discussion as we tackle fears, embrace faith, and learn never to quit. Remember to connect with Krystal Parker on LinkedIn after you tune in!

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The importance of personal development and positive self-talk in overcoming failures and self-doubt and practical tips on how to combat negative thoughts with biblical truths and a deep understanding of oneself.
  • The distinction between peace and comfort – exploring the concept that peace requires acceptance of what is in front of us, and how comfort can lead to complacency.
  • How to transform work into worship by altering thoughts and words, prioritizing God, family, and work in that order.
  • The power of obedience in facing fears and finding faith. 

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