Episode 103 – Time to Cash – Cross sell & upsell ft. Mark Anderson

Ever wondered how you can uncover a goldmine in your existing customers? Mark Anderson, a revenue growth specialist and Roundtable Leader at the Cleaning Prophets Event, shares how he successfully used cross-selling and upselling to generate an additional 1.5 million dollars in revenue from his current customers. We delve into how understanding customer needs changed a $40,000 contract into 1.2 million dollars. Listen in as Mark talks about the art of strategic alliance partners, customer lifetime value, and how to hold onto contracts longer to increase sales with less customer turnover.

In this conversation, we explore the seamless process of service rollouts and expansions. We touch upon the importance of understanding your clients, building strong relationships, and simplifying their tasks. From the role of Artificial Intelligence and chat GPT-3 in boosting marketing efforts to the significance of providing informative, entertaining, and valuable content, we cover it all. We also focus on equipping area managers and general managers with the right tools for success and how to incentivize team members to go that extra mile.

Finally, Mark emphasizes the power of a strong operating team and a quality management system and he highlights the potential impact of empowering your team to identify additional services that can be offered to clients. 

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The importance and potential of cross-selling and upselling in revenue growth, along with real-life examples and success stories from Mark Anderson’s experiences.
  • How to approach service rollouts and expansions by understanding clients and building solid relationships with them.
  • The significance of a comprehensive marketing program that informs, entertains, and adds value, and how AI can be utilized in marketing efforts.
  • The impact of a strong operating team and quality management system, and how incentivizing team members can lead to greater success and revenue.

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