Episode 101 – Wealth Management & Succession Planning ft. Ulises Ruelas

Ever wondered how to build wealth and ensure it lasts generations? Well, today’s guest, roundtable leader at the Cleaning Prophets and financial advisor Ulises Ruelas, is here to break down the process for us. Ulises, a Chicago native, shares his compelling journey from growing up in a single-mother household to becoming a specialist in wealth management and succession planning. He draws from his personal experiences to highlight the importance of financial independence and the role it plays in providing stability and security, especially in communities that traditionally misinterpret money and investments.

We tackle some tough myths and misconceptions in financial planning, with Ulises shedding light on the significant differences between a person who is one step away from being broke, versus those who are more secure yet overly conservative with their investments. He also shares his insights about the Mexican community’s often distorted beliefs when it comes to money and investing. 

Towards the end, our conversation pivots to a topic every entrepreneur will find invaluable: financial planning for business owners. Ulises shares how balancing risk-taking with preparation for unforeseen circumstances is key to maintaining a successful business. We explore the process of selling a business to a private equity firm and discuss the importance of setting up a robust financial infrastructure that can withstand the shocks of business growth!

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The journey to financial independence, the challenges encountered, and the significance of financial stability.
  • Common misconceptions about financial planning within the Mexican community and the steps to securing and growing wealth.
  • The importance of building generational wealth and how to establish an infrastructure for protecting your money and ensuring its succession.
  • Insights into the process of selling a business to a private equity firm, planning for success, and the role of a supportive community in fostering success.

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