Episode 100 – Close More Janitorial Contracts! ft. Diana Betancourth

Who knew that a simple uniform could make such a difference in sales? In our latest chat with seasoned entrepreneur and Roundtable Leader at the Cleaning Prophets, Diana Betancourth, we unravel the power of branding and its direct impact on business growth. From her initial days of overselling to her evolution into adopting an honest and more realistic approach toward her clients, Diana takes us through her fascinating entrepreneurial journey. The mistakes, the lessons, and the ultimate growth – it’s a great conversation filled with practical insights. 

At Babco, her Cleaning Company, Diana has instilled a sense of unity through something as simple as uniforms with logos. It’s not just about looking professional; it’s about making clients feel like part of their team. This unique perspective on branding isn’t just about contracts or sales; it’s about creating a lasting bond with clients, like her first client, who remains loyal even after 20 years. Diana truly believes that it’s nuances like these that make a brand stand out from the rest.

But it’s not all business. Diana also shares her take on the importance of sleep and maintaining a balanced life. She emphasizes the value of understanding your competition and learning from them instead of treating them as threats. And if you’re an entrepreneur, especially a woman in leadership, you’re in for some real talk about resilience, the power of connections, and the beautiful concept of ‘paying it forward’. Tune in to this episode for a stimulating mix of business strategies, life lessons, and a heartfelt discussion on women’s empowerment. Get ready to be inspired.

In this Profitable Cleaner Podcast, you will learn:

  • The importance of being realistic and honest when selling your business, as well as the power of admitting that mistakes will happen. 
  • The importance of maintaining personal balance alongside business growth, with a specific emphasis on the value of sleep.
  • Understand the importance of offering clients multiple options when making proposals and the strategies to ensure employee retention.
  • The concept of ‘paying it forward’ in business and the power of connecting with other entrepreneurs, particularly for women in leadership roles.

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